Apr 4, 2018

Wedding notebook for Studio75

Hello dears,
The Studio75 Cherry Blossom Collection can be used in many different types of projects. 
Due to the Black color, in it, you might think you couldn't use it for Wedding or Bride project. What my new Notebook is showing is that not only that's possible, you will also get a wonderful result.

The Wedding Notebook propose is to give the wedding guests a place to register their love for the couple - their greetings!

The nootebook size is A4 and the Notepad pages are decorocated with Roses, you can find more sizes & designs at the store. 
I also added 2 pages where the couple can insert 18 photos.

Hope I've inpired you xoxo

I used:

Notebook inner pages - roses A4

The one - Our wedding - big set
Cherry Blossom 02

Cherry Blossom 01

Cherry Blossom 03

Cherry Blossom 04

Cherry Blossom 05

Cherry Blossom 06

Cherry Blossom 07

Cherry Blossom 08

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