Apr 3, 2018

Believe in magic - 3 techniques For Lindy's

Hey gang!
Sharing today new Step by Step created for Lindy's - a Mixed Media  Canvas, featuring some techniques like coloring Acrylic Pebbles, Glitz spritz to color molds prints and Frozen Jack Frost Spray for dry brush effect.

So let's start with the Step by Step:

I had this composition in mind and I thought a Flat Canvas will be the suitable base for it!

First I adhered to the flat canvas pieces of construction mesh in the center where the composition will take place. I did it using gel medium

With a Spatula I spread, unevenly, White Crackel Paste and left it for a few hours .

After the cracks were made I glued the composition with Gel Medium. I used in the composition a clay fram, lots of metal embellishments and chipboards. I left it again to dry for a few hours. I always work in some projects the same time so when one is "resting" I can work on another one.

Covered all composition with white gesso.

Picked 3 gorgeous sprays: Magnolia Magenta Gold Shimmer Spray, Wild Honeysuckle Coral Shimmer Spray and Peony Scarlet Red Shimmer Spray. I sprayed with them one beside the other and only a little bit on top. I wanted the composition to be darker than the rest of the canvas

With the I made splashes. Smallers on the composition and Biggers on the Canvas. It's important to dry it before the next step.

To give more interest to the project I sprayed a little bit with my new love: Bling-y Blonde Shimmer Spray Dry with a heating gun or let it dry Naturally.
In my last post I explained the Dry Brushing technique with White Heavy Gesso, here I want to show you can achieve Dry Brush effect with the Frozen Jack Frost Spray. In this project I used both: On the composition elements I used the White Gesso and on the base I used the Spray.

Here's another great technique: to color my Acrylic Pebbles I mixed Gel medium with California Poppy Gold and Autum Mapel Crimson  Shakers. I than brushed the pebbles from both sides with the mixture. When both sides were dry I add it to the Canvas.

I decided I want to spray the Chipboard sentiment, and not emboss it as I usually do. So to get a perfect shimmeri color I first gave it a white gesso cover.

And sprayed it with Red Hot Poker OrangeShimmer Spray. You can see how gorgeous it is...

Brushed the pebbles with white gesso

Before coloring clay mold print we have to give it a clear gesso or gel medium cover.

I discovered some time ago a very easy technique to give mold prints an antique look - spray it with Glitz Spritz Spray. The Glitz Spritz is Basicly Shimmer so when we spray it the shimmer goes into all slots and give us the antique look, perfect for most kinds of projects. I used here the Medieval Gold Glitz Spritz.

Last, but not list, I've added a little bit of glitter to the project.

Hope you enjoyed the process as much I did creating it!

Here are some more pictures.

Have a wonderful day xoxo
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