Aug 16, 2017

Lanterna dos afogados

Hello my dears,
You may wander what this title means... Only Brasilians will understand! It's a song title and it means I'm in the drownings lantern, not just a song but one of my favorites!
Over at More than words August challenge the challenge's theme is:
Word Inspiration - HARMONY
Creative Challenge - SONG LYRICS
In my project I had to incorporate song lyrics and I knew which song I will choose... I added all lyrics under the picture with the photo matting and the chorus below the picture so everyone can read it.
I've chosen the light Bulb with the Love word because I believe Love and Harmony go together.

Here is part of the song with the transalation:

Eu tô na lanterna dos afogados - I'm in the drownings lantern
Eu tô te esperando - I'm waiting for you
Vê se não vai demorar - Try not to be late

Here's the LO, hope you like it:

 thanks for stopping by xoxo